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3-Dec-2007, 09:59
Hi i'm Andy i'm 41 & from Southampton..New to L/F and photography in general..I have a reasonable point & shoot a Ricoh R1..

Due to personality & personal taste feel more drawn to Architecture/Urban photography in relationship to people,from a outsiders point of view..Pictures of people are more from a distant but curious view,not cold hopefully..I tried the more candid pictures,but it made me a nervous wreck:eek:

My interest in LF was through certain photographers,also the Magnachrom online mag as been a inspiration which directed me to this site..I'm pondering buying a LF camera, but basically ignorant of what one,i would prefer the smallest option available...

Fav photographers are W E Smith,O Winston Link,Eugene Atget,Bernice Abbott,Edward Steichen (endless really)

Ok sorry for rambling and sounding pretensious lol

3-Dec-2007, 10:15
Unless you are going to make very large prints, it's difficult to justify buying/using large format equipment except for just the pure pleasure of working with it. Almost anything that you might need to do with LF you can do more easily and often better with digital capture and Photoshop.

3-Dec-2007, 13:41
Hi thks for the reply Bill..I think i would prefer to stay with film,maybe medium format is a option?
Like i said before just pondering it at present,but thks again for reply..

3-Dec-2007, 15:43
Hi Andy,

Welcome from Hawaii. I don't know where Bill is coming from, but I've had no problems justifying buying new LF equipment, nor did I a have a problem buying a new Nikon F6. His observation about doing it better with digital capture and PS, is nothing more than his personal opinion, which I don't happen to share.

John Kasaian
3-Dec-2007, 17:54
Hello Andy!
LF is far more funner than MF!
Welcome aboard!

3-Dec-2007, 18:58
Haha heavier and more expensive to :D

Ive seen a model i would love the Fotoman 45PS i like its size,but wowee the priceee,and that's suppose to be a cheaper model lol

3-Dec-2007, 19:14
Hi Andy,
I have been working in LF for about 4-5 years now. The thing that first drew me to use thes cameras is the fact that my Fugi 6x8cm is as large and heavier than a 4x5. The first camera I bought was a Sinar F1 with 15 holders, 65mm lens and f64 backpack. The whole thing weighed less than my fugi. After a while shooting my Sinar, someone traded me their 8x10 for my Fugi. I found a patience that I had never felt before with the 8x10. After a while I found myself dragging my 8x10 (44lb three different bags to carry everything) everywhere. Now I am tackling 12x20 and contemplating a 20x24. I find I Pay more attention to small details than I used to. As for a recomendation for a camera there is a Arca Swiss available on this forum for $350. it weighs 5lbs and will be very portable. As for lens that is up to you. There are many conversion charts and just use what has made you feel comfortable in the past.

no matter what ENJOY!!!

John Kasaian
3-Dec-2007, 20:45
If point and shoot is in the cards, look for a Crown Graphic. Not too pricey and when you see a 4x5 negative, well....it's something special!

3-Dec-2007, 21:33
Thks for the replies,i'm in the UK so thats a issue postage wise i'd imagine..I guess are get my bearings and make a decision..Andy

4-Dec-2007, 08:57
If you make the decision to shoot large format I don't think it makes a whole lot of difference what size or how heavy the camera is. That's just a small detail. You'll already be accepting a much more fundamental change in the photographic experience. It's a big camera, you will be working with a tripod, it takes a long time to set up and shoot, you will shoot less images...it's completely different from a light handheld camera. If you plan on hiking long distances then yeah the weight may factor in, but the way I see it if you wanna shoot large format you're squarely in the world of heavy, slow and bulky - but you might have fun doing it, get excellent quality results and have the satisfaction of taking pictures you've really EARNED with your labors.

Uri Kolet
5-Dec-2007, 01:05
Welcome from Vancouver in the Canadian Rockies, Andy. Price justification? LF is cheaper than a boat! Cheers, Uri

5-Dec-2007, 02:33
Hi its not so much that its heavy,i think its more wowee thats big and scary lol..I'm about to come into a little bit of money,around the price of the Fotoman 45PS,so doing some homework on the model..