View Full Version : Film notch for PW Ultrafine?

John Kasaian
3-Dec-2007, 00:23
Some time ago I found a package of Photo Warehouse Ultrafine in my freezer with the Eskimo Pies and frozen succotash and loaded some holders with it, labelled FP-4+ (since in a former life that is what the stuff was) along with the last of my stash of Freestyle Arista 125 Pro. I really never paid much attention to the notch codes---Arista 125 Pro is "UU" IIRC but what is the code for PW Ultrafine?

I was out tonight shooting a local landmark, "Christmas Tree Lane" (f/9 for 8 seconds) and when I came home and souped the film the notch code was one simple "U" so I'm thinking
"Did I shoot PW Ultrafine or was it something else?:confused:
FWIW I processed the film same as I do FP-4+ and the results were predictable. I'd assume it is PW, but I've got so many films loaded maybe I mistook that particular holder for something it isn't.
Does anyone here remember what the notch code was for PW Ultrafine?

phil sweeney
3-Dec-2007, 04:01
Hi John,

Yes that is how all my PW film is marked.


John Kasaian
3-Dec-2007, 08:17
Thanks, Phil!:)