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1-Dec-2007, 14:55
I have a Horseman 45 FA and am looking for a used tele lens in the 300mm range. My camera is limited in that the hole in the front standard is around 63mm dia., and the lens boards are small (80x80 mm). Bellows is limited to 10 or so inches.

I have some lenses (75, 90,180) in copal "0" and Copal "1" already mounted.

I don't know if they make a board that excepts anything bigger.

So I'm looking for a 300 or so tele that will mount in a "0" or "1" board, or bigger if Horseman makes one.

Does any know what tele lenses I should watch for on the auction sites that will fit.

Thanks, dee

Matthew Runkel
1-Dec-2007, 16:04
Take a look at this table from Horseman: http://www.horsemanusa.com/lens_list.html

Peter K
1-Dec-2007, 16:31
In the list above are also lenses mounted in Copal 3 shutter so you can look for a Tele-Xenar 5,5/360mm. It needs 214mm bellows-extension at infinity. I've this lens mounted for the Technika III, so it shoulf also fit to your Horseman.

Robert A. Zeichner
1-Dec-2007, 16:43
When I had my 45FA I also owned a Fujinon 300T f8 telephoto that worked great. It was in a Copal #0 shutter. As I recall there was also a top hat type lens board that would hold the lens about 10 mm further forward.

1-Dec-2007, 16:58
What about lenses mounted in graflex shutters? (tele optar 10" f5.6), or Dallmeyer 12" f7.7 tele-anastigmat.
Here (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=230195497729&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=013)

Armin Seeholzer
1-Dec-2007, 16:58
Hi Dee

I have the ultimative solution for you.
I do have also a Horseman HF the former modell of the FA and I use it for 300mm APO Ronar and for Macros!
I have no connection to this ebay seller I'm only a happy buyer!


1-Dec-2007, 17:11
Thanks Matthew and Peter. Good info.
Robert, I was hoping that you or some of the other owners of FA bodies would respond. How close could you focus with the 300t? I am inspired by the wonderful portrait thread here and want to try that. I'm intreiged by older and maybe affordable glass, but I've not ruled out newer lenses.

Ted Harris
1-Dec-2007, 17:18
What Armin says. Another solution is the Horseman 2x telextender. It is a superb optic specifically designed to work with 150mm lenses. When I had a Horseman I used the telextender frequently. Midwest usually has one in stock.

1-Dec-2007, 17:22
Armin. I was all over that until I saw it was from China. I've sent an email to determin total cost delivered to me. Thanks, dee

1-Dec-2007, 17:23
Boy, my quick post replies are slow! Thanks Ted.


Robert A. Zeichner
1-Dec-2007, 18:40
A Fujinon 300T should work fine for portraits. Telephotos typically require about 60% of the bellows draw that a non-telephoto design would need. At infinity, the 300T would need about 180 mm of bellows. My recollection is that this was about what I experienced. You should have 249 mm up front. Keep in mind that you could draw back the rear bellows to get another 23 mm and if you were able to obtain a telephoto lens panel (25658 is the part number), you'll gain at least another 10-15 mm. Does this mean that you'll be able to do close up work? Not really. Besides, you wouldn't want to mess with a telephoto for that anyway as they behave a bit oddly with any tilts or swings used up front. And then there is the exit pupil factor that needs to compensated for if the image size exceeds about 1/10 of the actual object size. For portraits, you should be fine though.

1-Dec-2007, 22:06
Thanks to everyon for all the information,

Robert, I'm interested in head and shoulder framing, so this lens sounds like it may work for me.

How is the bokeh on the Fujinon 300 T? Does anyone have a shot they can post that was done with this lens?

Any mor lens recomendations?

Thanks, dee