View Full Version : Which Phillips is this...

1-Dec-2007, 09:33
Was curious which model Phillips this was?



tim atherton
1-Dec-2007, 09:40
a bit hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like the somewhat earlier version of the Explorer (sinar sized lensboard, and I think Dick changed from the white low friction material you can see)

1-Dec-2007, 10:30
i've seen this older explorer posted on ebay a few other times with the same description with typos and all. i wonder if this is a scam. i would approach with caution if i was looking at camera.

Marco Milazzo
1-Dec-2007, 11:28
Possibly a scam, but more likely it's been relisted a couple of times for non-payment. When an auction is for a desirable item, some people's eyes are bigger than their wallets, hence all the warnings about "Don't bid if you can't pay."

1-Dec-2007, 11:40
true, but i distinctly remember that this explorer and the description was posted by someone from norway and this one is in nj.

3-Dec-2007, 11:53
hey, im bidding how to know is a scam?

Michael Jones
3-Dec-2007, 13:28
It's an Explorer like the one I purchased in 1994.


3-Dec-2007, 15:17
The only reason I suggest to advise on bidding with caution is that I've seen this exact Explorer picture and camera description posted a few times in the past year. I remember a carbon copy of this Ebay listing from Norway last winter (twice). I know that Ebay listers can use Ebay's stock product pics, but don't you think that an Explorer owner would be savvy enough post their own pictures to show how nice it is? Also, wouldn't they be a bit more eloquent with their description? Every Phillips seller I've seen has been extremely thorough with presenting what they have. I would just ask a lot of questions and see if they can answer them correctly. Just my two cents. Please let me know if this does happen to be a legit sale.

A Charles
12-Dec-2007, 12:20
Its back. It just showed up again for sale by the same seller for a one day auction. The first time around it sold for $3,162. No feedback has been left by the seller or the buyer. During the first auction I ask the seller some questions but received no answers. Its kind of strange The seller does not list what form of payment they will accept. The seller also has listed now a Toyo 45a outfit. The same Toyo outfit was also listed and sold before at the same time as the Phillips. These 2 auctions have scam written all over them but there is no way to know for sure unless the buyers who won the auctions the first time around come forward and give some input as to what happened to keep them from completing the transactions.