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Keith Tapscott.
30-Nov-2007, 12:02
Hi folks,

I usually use 35mm for general use and a Mamiya 6x7 for studio portraiture.
I have started out in LF with an MPP Mk VIII 5x4 Camera. Perhaps in the near future, I will try 8x10.
I still have a lot to learn about LF photography and there appears to be a lot of knowledgeable photographers on this forum to learn from.

Kindest regards to all,


30-Nov-2007, 12:06
welcome, keith!

30-Nov-2007, 13:43
Welcome Keith from Hawaii.

Ralph Barker
30-Nov-2007, 14:13
Welcome to the LF Forum, Keith.

Ole Tjugen
30-Nov-2007, 14:20
Keith? I thought you were an old hand at this? ;)

30-Nov-2007, 14:29
Welcome Keith.

Maybe we can get enough LF members in England for a central meet sometime :)

Keith Tapscott.
30-Nov-2007, 14:36
Keith? I thought you were an old hand at this? ;)

Yes I suppose I am where general photography is concerned, as for LF Photography, I am now on my 3rd pack of ReadyLoads, so.............................:o

Keith Tapscott.
30-Nov-2007, 14:38
Welcome to the LF Forum, Keith.
Well there is a familar name, hello Ralph.:D

Keith Tapscott.
30-Nov-2007, 14:42
I didn`t expect to find so many familiar names here, APUG, Ilford etc.........!


John Kasaian
30-Nov-2007, 19:24
Welcome aboard Keith!