View Full Version : 4x5 Enlarger - Most compact

David F. Stein
22-Nov-2000, 02:48
I won't expect the impossible, but what might be the most compact and easily put-up/break-it-down 4x5 enlarger. Likely will only enlarge to 11 x 14. THANK

Pete Andrews
22-Nov-2000, 06:24
The British made Lines & Jones model with cold-cathode head is easily the most compact and lightweight enlarger that accepts 5x4. It has a cantilever mechanism, so the column is relatively short, while it still has plenty of rise and fall in the head. Weighs about 20lb.

andrea milano
22-Nov-2000, 18:37
David, The AHEL enlargers are very compact but if you want to buy something old there are lots of Brands like " Horima" for example. regards

harold todman
22-Nov-2000, 19:29
The Omega DII (not the D2). This enlarger does a great job with up to 4x5 negatives. It sets up and tears down quickly and they are inexpensive.