View Full Version : How to Mail Exposed SheetFilm?

30-Nov-2007, 05:21
I have a question about what to put sheetfilm in after removing it from the holder if I were to mail it to a lab for developing? (I'm obviously not going to mail the holders) Quickloads are already light sealed, but non-Quickloads are soo much cheaper that I wondered what kind of light-tight things are available.



Louie Powell
30-Nov-2007, 05:42
I believe the traditional solution is to use film boxes.

30-Nov-2007, 05:56
This was something that puzzled me at first.
As Louie says use a film box, or multiple film boxes if you have different types of film. I put pine between a folded piece of thin card (or use the card that comes with the film when you buy it if it has it) which I tape closed at the end. I put the film and card into the black bag the film came in and then put that back in the film box using the inner box too. I then tape it shut and mark it as exposed film – if I'm sending it off – which I do, to Peak Imaging – I also request that the boxes are sent back to me.
I use the card which I tape closed to stop the film sliding about, thus preventing it from getting scratched.

30-Nov-2007, 06:48
Do I place anything in between the individual sheets?

30-Nov-2007, 07:30
Do I place anything in between the individual sheets?

I've never found a need to. But unless I'm handcarrying to the lab I would consider putting some crumpled paper on top of the film pile to keep them from moving in the box.

30-Nov-2007, 08:07
I don't put anything between the sheets.
All you're trying to do is stop them moving about at all, that's why I take the folded card shut so there's no movement. Brian's suggestion of putting come paper in there isn't a bad idea but I find that once it's in the black plastic envelope it's quite tight anyway so haven't needed it.

30-Nov-2007, 08:07
Bare sheets stored inside empty 4x5 film boxes works fine. I place a small piece of tape on the box cover to make sure it stays shut. Quickloads go into a ziplock storage bag, and the whole shipment fits well inside of the larger of the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping boxes...for $8.95, it only takes a day or two to reach my lab.

Dave Parker
30-Nov-2007, 09:38
I always write on the box as well in bold black letters "Exposed Film" "Only open in Darkroom" don't know if I needed to, but was taught that way back in school and have always felt it couldn't hurt.