View Full Version : Lens Cap Sizes for G Claron 150 and 240 Lenses?

29-Nov-2007, 23:51
Anyone happen to know what the cap size is for the Schneider 150/9 and 240/9? I'm going to order some from B&H but do not want to make a mistake and get the incorrect size. Posted a WTB for these caps, but thought I may as well just get some new ones.

Thanks to anyone that knows. My tape measure is not accurate enough right now for me to guesstimate and go on hope.

Barry Wilkinson
30-Nov-2007, 02:28
According to Schneider...

150 is 37mm

240 is 54mm

The Schneider G-Claron spec is available from the German site here...



Steve Goldstein
30-Nov-2007, 04:29
Barry is right for the front caps. Rear sizes are 51mm for the 240, 32mm for the 150.

30-Nov-2007, 09:56
Thanks a lot guys. Ordering from B&H right now.

Thanks again (means a lot to me)!!!

Jon Wilson
1-Dec-2007, 19:38
On my 150mm g-clarion, I was able to fit a 35.5mm step-up ring on the front cell and now can use 49mm filters with it.