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Alex Lee
10-Aug-1998, 21:18
I've been considering purchasing an Aero Technica, probably used, but have found very little information. Almost no one carries it new, though I'm sure that th ey would be happy to order it. The Linhof's web site is rather un-informative. Pretty much all I know that the 4x5 is supposed to use 126mm roll film and does not offer the high speed rotating shutter that the 6x9 AeroTronca has. Does an yone have any information, experience or feedback they could supply?

I was thinking of shooting some cityscape pictures for a personal project where the ability to hand hold and compose quickly via range finder would be a plus, a s well as the ability to take several shots in quick succession. I could do all of the above easly with a MF system, or 35mm, but why not try using LF if the t ool exists?



Bob Salomon
9-Sep-1998, 20:33
The Aero Technika comes standard with the Technika 45 back. As an option it is available with either a 5" 126mm vacuum roll back or with a 70mm roll back. Both take 50' of film using (on the 45) a version of the NATO Standard spool. The camera accepts 4 lenses, 90mm 5.6, 150mm, 180mm and 250mm all 5.6. Shutter speeds are 1/15 to 1/500 and the motorized back will shoot as fast as 1fps. Each lens is supplied in a breech lock mount which has an led that indicates when it is ready to fire.

If you would like more detailed information, a brochure or talk in person you can reach me at 973 808-9010 x15. As I am leaving shortly for Photokina you will best reach me this week or after the 23rd.

You should be aware that Linhof will introduce their new owner/Managing Director at Photokina and that effective 10/1/98 will alter their current product range. This will include discontinuing some camera and introducing a new one at the show.

For the latest statud on either the Aero technika or the Aerotronica you should contact me after the show.

Hope t

Richard Reddy
19-Nov-2005, 18:10
Greetings Fellow Artists,

It's so nice to have HP Marketing, in the person of Bob Salomon, responding to inquiries on Linhof, Heliopan, Rodenstock or other brands sold by HP Marketing.

Bob is the same fellow who was able to cancel several of my eBay auctions, based upon overreaching definition of Trademark. Here is the definition of trademark Bob provided,
so you can make up your own mind:

If you live in the United States:
1.If offered as new or like new, the products must be described as being in original packaging. If the item or items are discontinued, no restrictions apply to the listing.

2.If the products are offered as used and described with no further description except "used", no restrictions apply; the title and description must contain the word "used". If not, you must revise the listing(s) to reflect this as soon as possible.

3.Descriptions such as "like new" or "mint" which imply that the product(s) is (are) not used will require trademark approval and source of purchase must be disclosed to HP Marketing Corporation. Again, if the product(s) is (are) labeled as "used" in combination with any other description, no restrictions apply."

It would be nice to put trademark or copyright restrictions on resale, on the outside of the
product package, as is required by consumer-protection laws in many states. But this is something we find out when attempting to sell our equipment. You see this all the time on
software cartons--trademark restrictions on goods are subject to the same consumer protection laws.

As Bob seems to be a "large format guru" in these discussions (sell, sell, sell) I can offer some
friendly advice. Read this definition of Trademark BEFORE you buy products sold by HP Marketing. If you think it violates the first amendment, amounting to heavy censorship,
don't buy from HP Marketing. If you think it violates consumer-protection laws, don't buy from HP Marketing. If you think it's an outrageous infringement on property rights, don't buy from HP Marketing.

I get the distinct impression that LIFETIME WARRANTEE on Heliopan means you are stuck with the filters for life, given restrictions on resale. Does this apply to other HP Marketing brand names? Buy them and find out!

19-Nov-2005, 21:21
Back to the subject, are Aero Technikas fixed-focused at Infinity? If they are fixed, that could make things difficult for general work if that's what the OP had in mind. Besides their fine lenses and robust build, the Aero Technika handles well and has no bellows to rip in the wind if you are shooting from an open port. That last part can ruin a person's day.

Dunno if this sounds appealing, but you can still get brand-new, cased, in dissicant, K-24 cameras for under $200, and spool adapters to take conventional 5" rollfilm. They have a trick film flattening method: optical glass on the emulsion side, with a retracting padded pressure plate to push it flat. To use the camera, just remove the heavy motor and shoot manual... at 1/900th of a second. :) At infinity.

Film for the 70mm type, 5" and 9+" is a separate thread. One thing that will probably surprise some are how inexpensive it is to have long roll film processed. 70mm B&W at about 1$ a foot, LF not much more. I can mention the processor via private mail, or you can surf.

Bob Salomon
20-Nov-2005, 11:52
First, Richard take a look at Heliopan on Ebay. There are no cancelled auctions nor have we reported violations in several months to Ebay. The offending party no longer sells on Ebay or other auction sites. You are free to do what you like there.

As to the 45 and 69 Linhof Aero Technikas they are no longer made.
These cameras accepted several lenses all but the 90mm were in helical focusing mount with lockable distance settings. The 90mm was a fixed focus lens. This is a fairly moot point as the 90mm focuses any aerial safely and properly from FAA minimums to in orbit on the space shuttle. There is no height that you can leagally fly that the 90mm would not be in focus.

Richard Reddy
21-Nov-2005, 02:24
In my view, the "offending party" is HP Marketing. That's why I posted the definition of Trademark I recieved from Bob Salomon. After posting several hundred replies at this site,
I thought Bob should get some exposure for his business practices, which are quite unfriendly to artists.

Envision yourself writing an eBay description according to Bob!

Apologies to those of you who prefer to stay on track--but, it did seem an issue worth mentioning
if Bob is posting hundreds of messages here. He's certainly trying to drum up business, and my comments pertain to his business practices. I feel these actions are indicative of a larger
mentality of greed and corporate intimidation, and ought to get wide exposure (so I will post HP Marketing in the "caveat emptor" section planned for my site, where 50,000 stopped in last

Like the typical sales pitch, whitewash is very slippery stuff. Don't believe it! He is merely reluctant to explain his outrageous definitions of trademark, and acts of intimidation aimed
at artists like you.

Enough said.