View Full Version : Photographing Richmond Virginia

Andrew D Hess
29-Nov-2007, 13:53
I am new to the Richmond area and was wondering if there are any local LF enthusiasts who are interested in a field experience in the area.


John Bowen
29-Nov-2007, 14:22
Hey Andrew,

I'm in Midlothian. Welcome to Richmond and the LF Forum.


John Kasaian
29-Nov-2007, 14:44
I spent some time at Ft. Lee working for my wealthy uncle a couple of decades ago. A real treasure in the area is Defense Depot Richmond which aside from being DOD is a historic landmark. You'd probably need permission to gain access and shoot but it would be worth trying (IMHO---YMMV!) It is the only DOD Depot I know of that has a veternarian on staff to tend for the herd of elk which is a legacy from the it's antebellum plantation days. If you get a group together you might contact the depot's PAO for permission.

Bruce Barlow
29-Nov-2007, 16:45
Do whatever it takes to find Mr. Bowen. He's a fine photographer and one of the nicest guys on the planet. And a good friend.

Ted Harris
29-Nov-2007, 16:48
I'll second and third Bruce's post.

Walter Calahan
29-Nov-2007, 17:58
I was just in Richmond yesterday for work. You don't want to photograph what I had to photograph - the Public Health Laboratories.

Wander around the 'Fan' area for wonderful architecture.

27-Jun-2012, 11:33
Sorry I missed your class Andrew.

27-Jun-2012, 15:46
I was there recently as part of a southern photographic roadtrip, it's a great city. you have to check out belle isle. I went there on a weekday afternoon and it was teeming with people on the rocks in the middle of the river hanging out and sunbathing and whatnot. super interesting landscapes and people.
also, check out brian ulrich's work, http://notifbutwhen.com/ he teaches photo at VCU.