View Full Version : 47mm f8 vs. 47mm f5.6?

29-Nov-2007, 12:45
I have an old Graflex XLSW with a 47mm f8 Super-Angulon lens. I havenít been very happy with my results. Now, it seems most likely that it is just a matter of poor scanning or some other technique problem on my partÖeven so, Iíve seen newer lenses adapted to this camera and I canít help but wonder if it would be worth the expense (always assuming I can fix my technique problems).
So, 47mm f8 vs. 47mm f5.6 (non-XL). Is there much other than the speed between them?

I plan on shooting a great deal more (and improving my scanning) before going forward. I'm just trying to figure out if I should indulge my gear lust.

John Schneider
29-Nov-2007, 13:18
I've had two Brooks Veriwides with similar-vintage 47 f8 S-A lenses, and I've been satisfied with both. Both lenses tested nearly identically (I forget the lp/mm, but it was good), so your lens is probably just as sharp. I've heard second-hand that the 47 f5.6 Veriwide was no sharper than the older f8 version.

You may want to look at the Paq Pro system of modern lenses for the XLSW, offered by SK Grimes:

Peter K
29-Nov-2007, 13:36
The image circle of the f/8 is 100į compared with 105į for the f/5,6. But resolution and contrast is the same.

Peter K

29-Nov-2007, 18:20
Thanks guys.
I figured I'd have to have grimes do the mount as in the paqpro system.

I've got a new scanner coming in. I think I'll do a best case scan on the old scanner now and compare to the new when it comes.