View Full Version : closing a Technika without a cam?

Frank Petronio
29-Nov-2007, 11:56
Can it be done? I have a V

David A. Goldfarb
29-Nov-2007, 12:07
Yes, I've done it. What could go wrong?

Frank Petronio
29-Nov-2007, 12:08
hmm it seems impossible here but I guess I must need to play with it some more... maybe I shoudl quit smoking crack?

David A. Goldfarb
29-Nov-2007, 12:11
Just to be sure I'm not imagining things, I just picked up the camera, which happens to be close at hand, removed the cam and closed it, and I didn't have any problem. Do you have the focusing track all the way in?

Bob Salomon
29-Nov-2007, 12:30
Check that the follower holder that the cam pushes into isn't out of position. It should not be resting on top of a screw on the side that it snaps over to without a cam installed. If it is out of position just guide it back towards the center.

To do the above you will have to get the tracks out of the way.

Ed Richards
29-Nov-2007, 12:31
Did you drop the cam into the camera? Is there something else blocking the struts?

Brian Ellis
30-Nov-2007, 07:40
I owned two Technikas, a V and a Master, over a period of about six years. I never had a cam in either of them until the last few months of owning the Master. The cameras closed fine. What's supposed to be the problem?

Frank Petronio
30-Nov-2007, 07:58
my brain ;-0

douglas antonio
30-Nov-2007, 10:17

i am not sure whether it was not just an issue with the technika III.
the instructions say "don't close camera without cam installed." (literal translation from german).
now i have no idea why this was essential? maybe the cam follower was disaligned when closing the camera without cam?

so possibly you had this in mind when you were worrying about the V?
nothing wrong with your brain.