View Full Version : Where is Fred?

pat krentz
20-Nov-2000, 03:58
The question on Zone VI has caused this question, where is Fred Picker? Pat

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
20-Nov-2000, 10:18
In seclusion in Argentina?

Hans Berkhout
20-Nov-2000, 19:10
Choose any of the following:

-Recording his CD "Do it my way". -Clearcutting primary growth forests. -Writing an intro for Howard Bond's next portfolio.

Sorry Fred I couldn't resist. Still using some great Zone VI stuff.

Doug Paramore
21-Nov-2000, 19:03
There is no truth to the rumor that he is running the elections in Florida. All kidding aside, it would be nice to hear what Fred is doing these days. He had some quality stuff in his catalog.

Brian Ellis
21-Nov-2000, 20:20
I've seen this question discussed in several newsgroups. People who claimed to know said that he spends his time fishing and that he is no longer involved in any aspect of photography. Too bad, I give silent thanks to him (and to Paul Horowitz) every time I use my compensating developing timer

21-Jul-2001, 13:23
Where is Fred?

Fred is over my shoulder every time I take a picture, develop a negative or switch on the enlarger, AND every time I click the mouse to make a digital print.

I have The Zone VI Workshop and The Fine Print and must say they were "better" for me then Ansel Adams The Print and The Negative. I got more about real quality from those books thewn from any other source.

Say what you will about him and his tactics, he knew how to make a good negative and a good print consistant with the principlas of chemistry and densitometry. He could also explain it clearly-very important.

Someday I will be able to afford a Zone VI enlarger. I saw one in the Calumet store in New York and must say it is a masterpiece of engineering and functionality. Quality is worth it.

If this sounds lauditory is is, but only a little. I learned a new word today: "heirophant". Seems to me it fits Fred very aptly.