View Full Version : Fujinon W 250mm 6.7

29-Nov-2007, 09:49
My boss has one of these lenses and a couple have attempted to use it on 8x10 and it simply has a hard time covering......... I have done some research and this lens is supposed to cover with plnety of room to spare??????? Please let me know if anyone knows about this. Thanks guys.


tim atherton
29-Nov-2007, 09:58
I've had a couple of these and they have both covered out to around 380mm or so

I do vaguely remember hearing a couple of people saying they had ones that didn't cover?? but that seems a minority.

are you sure the lens in question isn't the newer 250mm 6.3 not 6.7. The 6.3 version barely covers 8x10

Chuck Pere
29-Nov-2007, 11:02
My 6.7 covers with no problems. Spec is 398mm. 80 deg. Are you in a Copal 1 shutter?

29-Nov-2007, 11:04
yeah it's in a copal shutter. I know it's weird because my friend has one at it covers great.

Michael Graves
29-Nov-2007, 11:45
Mine covers with plenty of room to spare.

Bruce Schultz
29-Nov-2007, 14:26
Mine does, and it's for sale.