View Full Version : Information about the Kodak Ektar 127mmm/4,7 and WF Ektar 80mm/6.3

Volker Schlichting
20-Nov-2000, 01:20
I am new to the LF Photography. I own a Speedgraphic 3 ? x 4 ? with an Ektar 1 27mmm/4.7 . I know the problem of the film format and the advantage using old Ko dak lenses on my camera because I will use only the better part of the lens. Is there anybody who can give me some dates about my lens. Like image circle, sh arpness and more. I heard that this lens was the best corrected lens on axis of the Ektar series. Does anybody has experiences with the Wide field Ektar 80mmm/6.3 ? My English is not so good. I am German living in Mexico. Many thanks. Volker

pat krentz
20-Nov-2000, 03:53
I can't give you any dates, but I use a Ektar 127 on my 22 & 23 roll backs for my speed grafic, it is very sharp and I have no problems with it at all. Pat

20-Nov-2000, 11:49
volker-- i have been shooting with a 127 f4.7 ektar on a 4x5 speed graphic (though with minimal movements). i have found it to be very sharp.

one note, a recent set of photographs i shot were closeups, about 1:3 at max maginification. the lens is not terribly well corrected for closeup work and i found that there was some distortion.

for normal work i have found the lens to be sharp and an excellent performer. i particularly like the look of the pictures it produces for environmental portraits.


Greg Rust
20-Nov-2000, 12:25
Volker, I use the 127mm Ektar on a Crown Graphic and my tests show that it is razor sharp at f22 and gets softer at wider apertures. It is a very good lens for your money. Even for close up portraits, it gives very little distortion.


David Richhart
22-Nov-2000, 12:29
A press photographer once wrote that he was tickled to death the day he traded his 135mm Graflex lens in for a 127mm Ektar, because it allowed him to stand 2 feet closer to his subject, with the rest of the press photographers.