View Full Version : Schneider 210mm APO L series..what is it worth?

27-Nov-2007, 22:46
I know it is the one of two? (Rodenstock APO being the other) very modern types with coverage for 8X10 that other 210's w/some few exceptions like the older Fujinon and Nikkor do not have.

What is one of these lenses in perfect condition worth and how good is this lens?

Thanks All!

30-Nov-2007, 10:16
No experience around here?:)

Matus Kalisky
30-Nov-2007, 12:15
Well, I have only 2 entries in my "database" - $880 and $1000. The cheaper one was brand new and the second one ... probably too ... or the seller got lucky.

Don Hutton
30-Nov-2007, 12:18
I wouldn't consider it an 8x10 lens although it just covers - no room for movements. Very sharp and contrasty, but quite bulky too - the rear element is very big (takes the same cap as the front). There are lots of options in good 210mm lenses - most are way cheaper. I sold mine for $900.

30-Nov-2007, 13:23
Sounds like $900 is about average for the lens with $880 being on the low end and $1000 being on the high end, with Don getting $900. That seems fair as it is a newer lens and at $900, that's about $500? off the going price to get one new from a dealer.