View Full Version : HELP?.. I need parts for Fujinon-W lenses.

Paul Ron
27-Nov-2007, 16:23
OK you guys, put on your thinking caps.

I have 2 beautiful, mint condition, Fujinon-W LF lenses mounted in copal shutters. THE 125mm 5.6 has a scratched inner facing element of the rear cell. The 135mm 5.6 lens has a scratched front element of the front cell. By scratched I mean someone must have used brillo to clean it. It may be possable there was fungus and a DIYer used sandpaper to get it off.

I called Fuji in Edison NJ and they say since I don't have an account with them I can't order parts. It seems it's a mob run business and you have to be connected. If anyone is connected adn willing to do me a favor?.... please e-mail me at once?

Otherwise... Where can I get these elements so I can get these mint condition lenses back on a camera?

Ed Richards
27-Nov-2007, 16:29
It has got to be cheaper to buy replacement lenses and sell the shutters than to buy new cells.

27-Nov-2007, 16:38
Have to agree with Ed. Buying new cells from Fuji or its distributor is gonna be a loosing proposition.

The Fuji shutters are kind unique and might fetch a nice sum all by themselves....or not?

Just for fun, I'd take the two GOOD cells (front from the 125mm and rear from the 135, I think?) and make one unscratched lens...just to see what results...:)

27-Nov-2007, 18:31
Let me see what I can do for you. Tomorrow, two "friends of mine" - Vinnie and Guido - will knock on your door. If they ask you why a "beautiful, mint condition" Fuji lens needs new elements I hope you have a good answer. If they scowl and look quizzickly at each other... DUCK!

p.s. they have a tendency to go for the kneecaps.

Gene McCluney
27-Nov-2007, 19:30
Fuji has never officially imported their view camera lenses to the USA. Therefore Fuji USA would not have parts for this product line. You can, however possibly have your elements polished and recoated. There are a few vendors worldwide that do this. It might cost more than just purchasing another copy of the same lens in good used condition.

Richard Kelham
28-Nov-2007, 13:01
If they scowl and look quizzickly at each other... DUCK!

p.s. they have a tendency to go for the kneecaps.

In which case what is the point of ducking? ;)

Paul Ron
28-Nov-2007, 14:47
Now hold on uze guys. I talked to Vinnie to day and he told me dat he'll take care of it fur me. Here in da Bronks we do tings differently, see.

Anyway I have to thnk everyone for the ideas. I tried swapping cells to make one good lens and it seems to look fine on the GG. Maybe I'll sell of the other shutter? It's in mint condition and is right on the money on the shutter tester. What do these Copals go for these days?