View Full Version : Sam Haskins' "Cowboy Kate" Technique

27-Nov-2007, 15:18
I bought this book when it was originally published. I let my first edition copy get away from me.

I always admired the grain in the photographs. Was there any information at the time or does anyone know what film/developer/printing techniques Sam Haskins used for the photographs in "Cowboy Kate"? The book was published in 1964. The negatives probably date from earlier than that. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Mark Woods
27-Nov-2007, 16:04
I'd be curious too.

Peter K
27-Nov-2007, 16:22
As I remember, I've lost my copy too, it was Tri-X-Pan.

Peter K

Mark Woods
27-Nov-2007, 18:29
I still have mine. :-)