View Full Version : Undrilled lens boards - where to buy?

27-Nov-2007, 14:20

I need to buy an undrilled Ebony/Wista lens panel (for an Ebony 45SU). I have searched the net and have found nothing. Does anyone know if you can get these things in the UK?

Thanks in anticipation


Kirk Gittings
27-Nov-2007, 14:40
Badger in the US has them. Try Walker in the UK, he uses the same board right?

Eric Woodbury
27-Nov-2007, 14:48
I made the Ebony/Wista lens panel the standard dimension board for all my view cameras. I don't have all the little notches and other features, just a flat board. This makes it easy going from Deardorff to Ebony to Kodak to Toko. In some cases I've had to make adapters.

Bottom line is that I had a machinist make me a stack of lens panels years ago. It cost me about $50 for a dozen.

Bob Salomon
27-Nov-2007, 15:00
001013 is a Linhof Technika 45 board with a pilot hole. 4518 is a Wista Technika 45 type board with a pilot hole. Have you tried to find either of these? 4520 is a Wista is the number that Wista uses for all 0 1, 3 and blank boards. So to order a blank Wista board you would order 4520 blank. In the USA that would be a special order only. Possibly the same in the UK.