View Full Version : Value of Linhof Technikardan 6x9 + 47mm Super Angulon + more?

27-Nov-2007, 10:34
I have no clue of the value of LF gear and would appreciate your help. I'm watching an auction where the following is being sold:

Linhof Technikardan 6x9
Super Angulon 47mm 5.6 lens
Centrefilter for the lens
Wide angle bellow
6x9 Roll film back
6x7 Roll film back for springback

There are possibly more accessories included. The condition of the gear seems to be really good. Not mint, but really good condition.
What do you aprox. think it would be worth?


Former Member 8144
27-Nov-2007, 11:00
Hi Marbrink,

I'm baseing this on prices I have seen in uk stores recently.
There's a linhoff 69 on sale here in the uk for £900. Arca f line 69 go for around £1000 these days.(possibly a better camera?)
The 47mm lens (non xl I assume) probably for around £300?
Centre filter, I'm not sure which one for that lens but they usually sell used for anyhting between £70 and £120 depending on version. (you could check out ffordes in the uk and their used section..they have a few of these things)
69 roll film back..horsemans are usually more expensive than other makes so depending on the make anywhere between £80 and £130.

These are all rough guesses but hopefully it may help a bit.
Remeber any advice you got in us dollars will be affected by the current weak dollar.



27-Nov-2007, 11:11
Thanks Marc!
I don't know if I want the gear, but if it sell for really little money maybe I should buy it and sell it. It looks like there's some sort of viewfinder attachment too.
It's currently at about 430 GBP.

Bob Salomon
27-Nov-2007, 11:12
Is it a Linhof Technikardan 69 or the Linhof Technikardan 69S? That extra letter makes a difference in the value.

Are the backs Linhof Super Rollex 69 and Rapid Rollex 67 models or something else? They would make a big difference in the value.

27-Nov-2007, 14:53
I don't know. I think it's the 69. Don't know about the film backs either.
Here's a pic if that helps?


Richard Kelham
27-Nov-2007, 15:28
To state the obvious it's worth whatever the highest bidder is prepared to pay for it. If you are looking to get into LF you'd be better off working out what you think *you* need and then checking how prices are going before deciding if you can afford the going rate.


27-Nov-2007, 16:16
That's not always the truth. This is not ebay and it's a small local auction. I have bought tons of Leica gear at amazing prices, not at auctions though.

Bob Salomon
27-Nov-2007, 16:18
That is the original Technikardan 69 with the Right Angle Reflex Attachment so it must also have the 23 Fresnel screen.

29-Nov-2007, 03:33
Thanks for the help, but I never won the auction. There was probably a happy winner though, because it ended at about 675 GBP.