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Former Member 8144
26-Nov-2007, 14:33
For those here that use the Lee bellows lens shades, can you tell me which lenses your shaded work with on 5x4.?
i.e. will universal lens hood work from say 65mm upto 200mm or would the wide angle hood be needed?



Herb Cunningham
26-Nov-2007, 14:54
I use the lee system for large lenses, up to 95mm, with a wide angle bellows from Lee.

You can get adapters down to really small sizes, but I use glass filters for 67mm and smaller, just because the gel filters can get funky pretty easy, and they are easy to scratch. I use the 4 inch size.

Herb Cunningham
26-Nov-2007, 14:55
that was 95MM diameter adapter, not focal length.

Former Member 8144
27-Nov-2007, 07:19
Thanks herb,
What focal length of lenses does your wide belows work up to?


Wilbur Wong
27-Nov-2007, 09:24
I have only the standard lee bellows. Because I do not want to carry more than that one in my kit, I modified it several years ago by removing it from it's mounting flange, than cut off 2 1/2 pleats from the rear portion.

I remounted it on the aluminum plate that it came on, of course the outer edges of the inner side now stand proud of the plate by about 3/16 of an inch or so, but it is firmly adhered to the plate. I used a permanent very thin self adhesive foam to make the reattachment.

I also set it up so that it is integral with only a single slot to take a lee 4 X 4 (5,6) filters including grad's. In this combination I can use it on any of my lenses including a 65 mm for 4 x 5 lf photography. For longer lengths (up to 500 mm) I'll often flag the lens if I need a lens shade. It is in the shorter focal lengths where I find a bellows lens shade most helpful, as I have occasionally caught my dark slide (flag) or myself in shots taken with wide angle focal lengths.

Before I did the modification, when used with a filter and lens shade, it did vignette the view.