View Full Version : Wide Field Ektar vs. Fuji W

Brian Ellis
19-Nov-2000, 16:10
I'm debating between the purchase of a 190 mm F 6.3 Kodak Wide Field Ektar lens and a Fuji W 210mm F 5.6 lens for use on an 8x10 camera. The Fuji has a slightly wider maximum aperture, about 40 mm greater coverage, and is in a Copal 1 shutt er. The Wide Field Ektar is a little wider but usually comes in some type of old er #4 shutter. The Fuji seems like the better deal, assuming approximately equal purchase prices, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about either lens. Thanks. Brian

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
19-Nov-2000, 19:34
The Ektar will cover 8 X 10 according to some sources, but not according to the literature I have from Kodak. Not to knock the older lens (that's all I own, old lenses) but if I could afford to pick, I'd get the Fuji, no question!

Sal Santamaura
19-Nov-2000, 19:43
The Fuji W 210 f/5.6 has a circle of 300mm, so it can't really cover 8x10 at infinity, even with no movements.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
19-Nov-2000, 20:19

You sure you got all the facts right? The Kodak f 6.3 Wide Field Ektar has an i.c. of 318 at f/16.

19-Nov-2000, 21:51
I have heard the WF Ektar will _just_ cover 8x10, whereas the old single coated Fuji W will easily cover. Just make sure the Fuji is the single coated version.

The modern Fuji is, as Sal indicates, too narrow for 8x10, at 72 degrees, if I remember correctly. Look at the LF homepage for the psecs. The older single coated lens will cover 80 degrees. The easiest way to be sure that the lens is the older variety is the text on the barrel. The older lens has the text on the inside of the barrel, near the element. The newer lens has the text on the outside of the barrel.

Anothe lens you may want to consider is the 210 G-Claron. The specs. indicate it won't cover, but there are many people out there using the lens for 8x10 without problem (I'm one of them). You can't use the lens wide open because the corners go soft, however. I had intended to get the Fujinon W, and got tired of looking for an older SC version in good condition, so I bought a new G Claron from Robert White for a song...

Good luck,

C.W. Dean
19-Nov-2000, 23:15
My 190 WF Ektar covers 8x10 at infinity with no movements, the 4 corners just barely begin to darken which is not an objectionable effect. Closer focus gives some more room for movements. For my money it's a keeper....and I use it often.