View Full Version : Repair for Symmar-S 150mm Linhof Select

Deane Johnson
26-Nov-2007, 09:41
As I liquidate all of my lenses, I have discovered on the 150mm Symmar-S Copal shutter that the controls are hard to move. I assume this means the lube has gummed up and hardened after sitting unused for 20 years.

A couple of questions.

Is this lens worth having serviced? Any idea what servicing costs vs. what it will be worth as an excellent condition, no marks, no scratches, no haze, no schneideritis lens after it's been cleaned, oiled and adjusted?

Second question....where is a good place to get this simple work done.



26-Nov-2007, 09:49


Probably about $50 if all it needs is cleaning.


Bob Salomon
26-Nov-2007, 10:28

The lens is not in need of service. Your shutter is. Any camera repair shop is capable of servicing a Copal shutter.

Dean's is no longer open in Omaha but there are some camera store in Lincoln that should be able to tell you who in your area repairs cameras.

30-Nov-2007, 16:35
I don't have a Linhof Symmar-S, but my normal Symmar-S 150/5.6 pre-multicoated is very nice. I would say that it is worth service and would make a nice lens for someone.

Dan Fromm
30-Nov-2007, 16:36
You could also sell it as is, with an honest report on the shutter's condition.

Deane Johnson
30-Nov-2007, 17:32
Any idea what it should be priced at in it's present condition? It's pristine in every way except for the controls being stiff.