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26-Nov-2007, 03:54
I have some questions about a few lenses.

First is a R.O.J.A. vorm Emil Busch Rathenow Weitwinkel Aplanat No. 3 Serie C. I know Ole has a lens very similar to this, and the exact same lens is in this brochure: http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/busch/p33.html . My lens only has lens elements in front of the diafragm. I just need somebody to confirm taht my lens is missing lens elements :p (Because I'm convinced there should be lens elements behind the aperture as well)

Second lens looks a bit like it but is bigger and only marked Ed. Liesegang, elberfeld, and a serial number. It too has wheel stops (unmarked). It is quite a bit larger then the Busch lens. I assume it is a wide angle lens. Is this really a camera lens made by liesegang, for one of these cameras?

Liesegang, Düsseldorf Atelierkamera 1700-2000 €
Liesegang, Düsseldorf Dilka 170-190 €
Liesegang, Düsseldorf Künstlerkamera 750-850 €
Liesegang, Düsseldorf Landschaftskamera 190-225 €
Liesegang, Düsseldorf Nassplatten Box 1000-1250 €
Liesegang, Düsseldorf Reisekamera 180-200 €

Next is an extra rapid aplanat No. 1 with driafragm f7.7-64. Pretty small lens.

Last is a VULGA Rapide extra supérieur 18x24, diafragm f8-f64 (and a serial number). This one does not have the built in lens shade (the others do).

Thank you for any information.

Ole Tjugen
26-Nov-2007, 04:45
The Busch ROJA WW Aplanat should indeed have glass both in front of and behind the aperture, as it won't be an "aplanat" without it.

The Liesegang I know nothing about, but since it has wheel stops it is most likely to be a camera lens. It doesn't have to be a wide-angle though.

Extra Rapid Aplanat generally means that the makimum aperture is larger than f:7.2; as you see that is not always the case. There were hundreds of makers of these lenses. No.1 often means that it was made to cover 9x12cm. :)

The VULGA I assume might be French?

26-Nov-2007, 10:18
Well now I'm sure I only have half the lens, hehe. Will just the one half be usefull for anything at all?

Gordon Moat
26-Nov-2007, 12:12
Well going by the examples on this page (http://dioptrique.info/base/m/m_busch.htm) Busch made a few early lens types that had two elements and an aperture. Have you tried mocking one into position to see if it can form an image on the ground glass?


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Ole Tjugen
26-Nov-2007, 12:14
It will form some kind of image, but WA Aplanats were never intended to be convertible. So it will be less good than half a "regular" Aplanat, and even worse: If wide open for the whole lens is f:18, half a lens will give about f:36 as largest aperture!

On the other hand - stop down two or three stops, and you're in "pinhole territory" where the glass doesn't make any difference to resolution... :)

26-Nov-2007, 15:52
Gordon, I had seen that page and that was why I was not entirely sure the lens was incomplete.

I've taken a look at the ground glass image and it certainly isn't unsharp, but it isn't particularly usefull. I'll need to do some shots to be sure I guess :D