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Brian Stein
25-Nov-2007, 22:15
As I have been lurking for some time now it seemed appropriate to introduce myself. Got into photography in high school using my dad's 70s rangefinder and tri-x. Never was much good as a darkroom guy, but kept on in 35mm for years, mostly just doing travel. Thanks to the magic of ebay (not that much second hand stuff in Australia compared to the us) and bob monaghans medium format page I stepped up to 6x6 and 6x9 with old folders and TLRs and the nikon FE2 is getting kind of dusty... A crown graphic and rollfilm backs was a logical next step and some polaroid 55 to round it out. Now thinking about a more versatile camera... Still doing travel/holiday and family portraits: the day job doesnt leave that much time, but the more reflective/meditative aspects of LF photography make it more enjoyable.

2-Dec-2007, 08:15
Welcome Brian! I wish you the best in your endeavours.