View Full Version : Tripods in Egypt

Don Kellogg
25-Nov-2007, 10:06
I will be travelling in Egypt in March. Has anyone had experience getting permits for and/or using tripods in Egypt? We will be visiting Cairo, Luxor, Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel among other places along the Nile. I plan to take medium format digital equipment.

Don Kellogg

25-Nov-2007, 13:23
I had no problem using one outside. Never tried to take one inside. It's a great trip.


Tony Lakin
25-Nov-2007, 15:52
dunno about tripods but if you pay to get on a camel beware:eek: because they charge twice as much to get you off:D

23-Jan-2008, 09:18
I hope this reply is not too late...or it could help a later visitor. Tripods are fine at nearly all of the sites in Egypt (except perhaps inside the museums or the tombs where photography is forbidden). All you have to do is pay for a photography permit which you can purchase when you buy your site ticket...these permits cost 1/2 the admission price for each site (if a site is 20 Egyptian pounds to enter, then the permit is an additional 10 Egyptian pounds).