View Full Version : Thorton Pickard Shutters - Got Shakes?

24-Nov-2007, 15:42
I have read about rebuilding and mounting these shutters, but how well do they work in real life? I was wondering if the sudden start and sudden stop of the shutter cause shakes that effect the sharpness of the image.
Thank you for your imput.

24-Nov-2007, 16:16
The Graflex shutter operates in the same manner and is HUGE compare to a T-P. I haven't experienced any noticable problems, either hand-held or on a properly-sized tripod.

Glenn Thoreson
24-Nov-2007, 19:42
The abrupt stop is likly to be the biggest cause of vibration. The shutter is closed by then, so it shouldn't be a big issue. Being on the front of the camera, which is much more susceptible to vibration, it could be an issue, though. I am trying to finish up a front mounted curtain shutter made from baby Speed Graphic shutter parts.