View Full Version : How much rodinal with 8x10 ilford Delta 100 in jobo 3005 expert drum

Dave Photoman
24-Nov-2007, 10:53
Hi guys,

Do any of you know how much ml of working solution I will need "Per 8x10 sheet" to develop ilford Delta 100 using Agfa rodinal?

24-Nov-2007, 11:10
Depending on who you ask, I've heard anything between 2.5ml to 4ml of stock per 8x10 (or 36 exposure roll).

Lets, say it is 2.5ml (that is what I've been using so far of R09, the Foma version of the "classic" Rodinal formula). From there you can start working out the ratios knowing the total fluid volume you need in the tank for proper coverage. I prefer to work in terms of 1+x (stock + X water to get volume) rather than 1:y (1 part stock in total Y volume).

I don't have the Expert Drums as my CPE-2 can't handle them. But for the 1500 tank, I can go as high as 1+95 for a single roll of 35mm or 120. In the 2500 tank and two sheets of 4x5 I can get to 1+215. At four sheets it is 1+107 max and 6 sheets is 1+72 max.

I've been typically doing 1+39 (1:40) so there is no capacity problem. If I want to do stand developing in these tanks, I can easily do 1+99 and 1+199 no problem.

Recently I did some 8x10 in print tanks and that worked just fine but I did decide to overload the tank from the recomended 120ml to 240ml just to make sure I had enough fluid to slosh around and keep the sheet covered.

Dave Photoman
24-Nov-2007, 12:52
Well I figured I'd start at 1:50 but I wasn't certain of the ml volume for that particular drum for optimal results considering that there will be 5 8x10 sheets in the drum.

24-Nov-2007, 14:56
The official party line from AGFA was 10ml / 80 sq. in. YMMV

24-Nov-2007, 15:01
I thought this question sounded familiar. Sorry for answering twice.

Dave Photoman
24-Nov-2007, 16:01
I'll try the 10ml / 80 sq. in and go from there

24-Nov-2007, 16:19
Sounds like a plan. Please advise of your findings. I wish to use Rodinal with Delta 100 and HP5+ 4x5 film in a Jobo 3010 Expert. If I'm feeling really adventurous I will try the Xtol with a Rodinal Red Eye. I am very intrigued by the combination.

JJ Viau
25-Nov-2007, 13:33
I did use Rodinal on a 3005 drum to developp 8x10 film (no Delta 100 though). Four sheets of film for 20ml of Rodinal complemented with distilled water to make 1 liter worked (1:50). For 1:100 I developped 2 sheets in the drum only. The developping times were much shorter than everything I read before...


25-Nov-2007, 15:24
I've done 5 ml per 80 sq in which is 1:100. The time is a lot longer and the agitation is the first minute and then 3 inversion every 5 minutes after that.