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david kozy
17-Nov-2000, 04:18
Can the European LF film 13x18cm be used in 5x7 film holders? I read Schneider l ens literature that indicated that 13x18 film is only 1 millimeter larger in eac h dimension than 5x7 format. Limited variety of films available for 5x7 seems to be a problem. I've read that 13x18 size is popular in Europe.

Bill Jefferson
17-Nov-2000, 06:35
Hi Dave, Calumet sells 13x18 cm film holders, listed with the 5x7 holders


William Leviit
17-Nov-2000, 06:39
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say "yes", 13X18 film can be used in 5X7 film holders. I've sent 13X18 film from Germany to a couple of members in the States who hve had no problems.

pat krentz
18-Nov-2000, 02:30
You can use any film that is available in 8x10 if you are willing to do your own cutting and get two sheets of 5x7 from each sheet of 8x10. I also cut from 5"x1000' roll of Pantomic-x Aero, also the old or by new of 9.5 in by 125" of Plus-x. If you do your own cutting finding film in the size you want is not a problem. Pat

Erik Ryberg
27-Nov-2000, 00:32

Do you have a European supplier of 13x18 film? I am quite keen to get ahold of some color negative film for my 5x7 camera, but cannot find any and a search of the messages here seems to indicate it is unavailable anywhere.


Larry Cuffe
6-Feb-2001, 08:26
No. I've tried it with agfa 13x18 film and it just didnt fit. The solution was to get the right holders. I bought 13x18 film misdescribed as 5x7 to use cut down for a smaller format camera. I then bought some 5x7 holders and found that the film wouldnt fit. I subsequently bougth 13x18 holders which worked and built a small point and shoot along the lines of the HOBO around these film holders. I think the external dimensions of both holders are the same, but as I built my own camera for this I dont know that. Hope this helps

QT Luong
7-Feb-2001, 02:09
The exterior dimensions of holders are the same. 5x7 is 12.7 x 17.8 so the difference is more than 1mm, and beyond the internal dimensional tolerance.