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24-Nov-2007, 05:00
This has been discussed a few times and there are still varied opinions. I plan on shooting a sheet or two this weekend, maybe even this afternoon.

As far as I can tell, I need to develop the same as FP4+. My only dev available is Suprol (since it's super-cheap in bulk from college).

If there are any pitfalls I should be aware of, please let me know!

I'll post results and keep this thread up to date as soon as I can. Oh, no doubt I'll push the iso100 to EI400 considering the weather!!

24-Nov-2007, 07:49
I've made a comparison of FP4+ and Era this year, both exposed with EI100 with exactly the same settings (just replaced the film holder between the exposures) and after that developed in the same drum (simultaneously, of course). As far as I can visually tell (haven't scanned them yet and didn't make any prints), the outcome is the same. Of course, this may not be the case when you push the film.

Here's the development parameters (i did two batches, presoaked and rolled in an Expert drum):

ID11 stock 8min10sec @ 20° - EI 100
ID11 1+1 16min30sec @ 19° - EI 200 (some negs of the first batch were a bit thin)

(this may serve as a start point)

24-Nov-2007, 17:19
Thanks! :)

Robert Hughes
24-Nov-2007, 17:22
I've used Era, as they say it's similar to FP4 in D76, but scratches a little more easily. Treat with care.

2-Dec-2007, 01:43
I process era the same as fp4. I use a Phototherm processor at home so it tmax 1:5.
It comes out really nice but the QC at the era factory leaves something to be desired.
The first pack i used had at least 5 sheets that looked like a cat rolled around in the emulsion. Once i got to the next batch it was fine. Only small amounts of dust.
I think the size seams to vary alittle also. Some rattle more in the holders than others.

2-Dec-2007, 08:38
Nice film, inexpensive alternative with 7x17. And yes the size is a little different than other films I use, but it works ok.