View Full Version : Shutter for Schneider 150/3/5 Xenar?

Frank Petronio
23-Nov-2007, 15:52
So I found an 150/3.5 Xenar in a jammed compound shutter for cheap ($50)... the front threads are ~approximately 44mm... will this fit into any modern, easy to fit shutter? Or should I just get the Compound repaired?

Any comments about the lens are welcome... it is old, 2.2 million serial # but it has the little red triangle (does that mean it is single coated? I think so?)

I think I'd be really happy to find a more recent Compur that it would fit... I want someone to tell me that it will screw into a #1 Compur ;-)

David A. Goldfarb
23-Nov-2007, 16:02
There seem to be more than one design of these f:3.5 Xenars. I have an older 210/3.5 that I use on the 5x7 Press Graflex (the recent shot I posted in the Portrait picture post thread was made with it) that seems to be a standard Tessar-type. Ole has posted a bit about a few of his, which are "Typ D" Xenars. I forget the difference in the design, but if you search on "Typ D," you should turn up a couple of threads.

I like the old Compound shutters. They seem to have very low vibration, and once repaired, stay working for a long time.

Ole Tjugen
24-Nov-2007, 07:00
The Typ D is in a dial-set Compur, not a Compound shutter. Mine is uncoated, but has enough surface "oxidation" that it behaves as if it were coated!

If a 150mm f:3.5 lens fits in a "modern" shutter, I believe it will have to be a #2. For thread sizes read the whole thread that's linked to in my signature - the #2's are further down the thread.

24-Nov-2007, 07:14
Hi !
How is the compound jammed ?
These shutters are remarkably simple and sturdy. But, often, during transportation a lot of screws get loose inside putting the Compoud out of order. Try to remove the front plate ad see is the M/B/T lever is correctly positioned and well screwed. If not, return it into position and the shutter should return to work... I got a Tele-Xenar which was pristine when it left the hands of the seller and has fallen screws out when I get it. As the seller had put the lens in a sealed plastic bag, it was easy to recover them....And return the lens to it's proper state. Remember to lock the screws with a removable thread sealant (Blue Loctite in Europe).
Back to the subject, the Compound has a large opening for the iris, so maybe Schneider was obliged to use this shutter to get the f:3.5 opening.... (My Xenar 150mm f:4.5 is tight into the Compur size 1)
Both, lens and shutter are gems.