View Full Version : Whats going on with Kodak and thier boxes?

John Kasaian
22-Nov-2007, 22:09
bwFilmQAs.pdf?id [url]

10 sheet boxes of 8x19 TXP, TMY and TMX?

...and just when I started thinking kinder thoughts about Kodak!
Sombody please tell me this just ain't so?

22-Nov-2007, 23:18
URL not found. so it's hard to comment!

John Kasaian
23-Nov-2007, 08:28
I see I made an error, the film size is 8x10. I don't know why the URL wouldn't copy though. It is a pdf info sheet on the new TMY. At the very end, when describing changes in Kodak's b&w film line up it says that the 50 sheet boxes will be replaced by "economical" 10 sheet boxes.

I ask you, how does paying for more packaging make film economical? Grrrrr!

24-Nov-2007, 11:47
this appears to be the link you were after:

link (http://www.kodak.com/global/plugins/acrobat/en/professional/products/films/bw/bwFilmQAs.pdf?id=

John Kasaian
26-Nov-2007, 09:43
Aye, thats the one.