View Full Version : sync terminal for packard shutter

David Michael Bigeleisen
22-Nov-2007, 19:45
I just purchased two packard shutters, and I am preparing to mount them to lensboards. Each shutter has a wire attached to the top of it to be used for flash sync. I would like to drill a small hole in tne lensboard, and attach the wire to a sync terminal. Does anyone know wher I can purchas such a terminal to fasten to the lensboard?

David Michael Bigeleisen

Gene McCluney
22-Nov-2007, 20:44
Most studio strobe lights (big ones) take a household plug (without ground) as one of their sync options. I just run a wire pair thru the lensboard, and seal it and mount a male household plug on it, then I use an inexpensive extension cord to go to the strobe power pack. Other studio strobes take a "phone jack" type of plug. Again, these plugs and in-line sockets are available at common sources such as Radio Shack. In fact, you can get ready made guitar and microphone cords with the plugs and sockets already moulded on. Just run a wire pair out thru a sealed up hole in the lensboard and affix a female phone jack. Then get a pre-made microphone extension cable to go to your phone-jack equipped power pack. Calumet packs have these arrangements. Also their mono-lights have the phone-jack type of sync.

John Berry
23-Nov-2007, 02:15
Why mess with a house plug. I put in a mini plug. It's much easier to work with.