View Full Version : Linhof Kardan Master TL value

22-Nov-2007, 08:09
Approximately what are these going for?


22-Nov-2007, 08:15
Again, I forgot to mention, the 8x10 version.

David A. Goldfarb
22-Nov-2007, 08:31
I suspect you're looking at that TL on eBay. They don't come up too often. There was one on consignment at a shop in Honolulu for a long time with a good bellows, 8x10, 5x7, and 4x5 backs for $1800. I mentioned it a couple of times on this forum and a few people called about it, but it never sold, and I think they returned it to the original owner.

By comparison I bought an 8x10" Sinar P with a long custom bellows a couple of years ago for $850. It's hard to sell a studio view camera like the TL even with three backs at $1800, when Sinar P's are going for around the price of a digital Rebel, and it's much easier to find used accessories and parts for the Sinar or to rent lenses on Sinar boards in major cities.

22-Nov-2007, 11:33
Right, I was looking at that one, but haven't seen a Sinar P in that range. Where do you usually see them listed?

David A. Goldfarb
22-Nov-2007, 11:41
eBay, LF classifieds here, APUG.org classifieds, craigslist

Frank Petronio
22-Nov-2007, 11:50
$850 for an 8x10 Sinar P is an especially good deal, even nowadays. If you aren't patient and careful then allow $1250 and you should be able to find one within a week or two on eBay.... If Sinars appeal also consider the Norma, which is better crafted and simplier -- it's actually a good field camera too.

Frankly, the Linhof TL is a nicer camera if you invest the time and $400 or so in getting a replacement bellows made for it -- true parts are hard to find but there is little to go wrong with it -- its workmanship blows the (very well made and engineered) Sinar out of the water.

Just know that it is most definitely a studio type camera -- you need a heavy duty stand or a very heavy duty tripod, like the larger Linhof or a Gitzo #5 Giant or something along those lines.

There was also an 8x10 Arca-Swiss Monolith (every movement is geared) on eBay a few weeks back -- I bet that went for a song too -- but it would be hard to find a better studio camera.

22-Nov-2007, 15:48
The monolith you're speaking of went for 2200. How much do you think the TL is worth with the bellows screwed up?

Bob Salomon
22-Nov-2007, 17:29
"parts are hard to find"

Not so, the TL uses current Kardan accessories and the current GTL rail system. All of these accessories are currently available from any Linhof dealer.

If you have your heart set on used then Kardan specific accessories will be harder to find but anything that fits the back of a Technika IV 45 through the latest MT fits the TL without adapters.