View Full Version : let me wish you all a large "hello"

22-Nov-2007, 03:56
Let me wish you all a large "Hello" on this large photography forum board.

Well, I am kinda excited to be here. and of course learn a lot many new things.


22-Nov-2007, 05:58
Welcome home! The more people convert to LF, the cheaper will the sheets in the future...

22-Nov-2007, 10:24
LOL! We hope so. :D

Welcome. :)

Andrew O'Neill
22-Nov-2007, 18:42
Where do you live?

Wayne Crider
25-Nov-2007, 20:46
Welcome; Any info on what your photographic interest is, is always of interest to us! Whatcha shooting? (^:"

Ron Marshall
26-Nov-2007, 07:24
Welcome to LF and to the forum, lots of helpful advice available to get you started.