View Full Version : Linhof Kardan Master TL bellows

21-Nov-2007, 21:05
Can anyone tell me the approximate cost of a replacement bellows?

21-Nov-2007, 21:06
Forgot to mention, for 8x10 version.

David A. Goldfarb
21-Nov-2007, 21:33
I'm not sure how much from Linhof, but I suspect Camera Bellows UK would charge on the order of $350 or so to make a replacement using the frames from the old bellows (or possibly more, if you're paying in dollars, due to the current exchange rate).

David Karp
21-Nov-2007, 22:25
Another choice is Western Bellows in California. You can reach them at westernbellows@aol.com. He did a nice job on a replacement bellows for a whole plate Improved Seneca View for me. I think it cost around $275.00.

Bob Salomon
22-Nov-2007, 05:18
002696 NORMAL DOUBLE CONICAL BELLOWS 810 $2,536.00 list

The single 810 bellows mat still be available at lower cost but with much less length. This price is the list price, your camera store would discount from this price. We normally have this in stock.

22-Nov-2007, 07:38
Thanks for the quick replies.

8-Dec-2007, 19:48
Can anyone give me the dimensions of the normal bellows so I can get an estimate of the replacement cost?