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Cristiano Abreu
20-Nov-2007, 08:28
Hi to all LF practitioners,
I'm from the north of Portugal, V.N. Famalic„o to be exact (approx. 43 kms north of Porto). My past in photography is a recent thing, with the beginnings dating back around 2.5 years ago when I bough a digital bridge and two months later a DSLR. Since my interest is mainly focused in fine art B&W and landscape photography, I've started to dwell with MF photography approx. 5 months ago, after buying a RB67. Soon afterwards, I've become found of LF, the pinnacle of photography. I've saved for a Shen-Hao and a used Rodenstock 150mm and since then never looked back. Nothing gives me more pleasure than adjusting my 4x5'' view camera and compose on the GG. Like so many of you, It became a passionate thing. Meanwhile, I've started to process my own B&W film, purchased a flatbed professional scanner and I'm currently installing a makeshift darkroom in the garage to work more at ease. Now, my digital gear is most of the time packed in the bags, since It's use is almost exclusively limited for family snapshots and vacations... but LF and MF more than compensates for this :)

matthew blais
20-Nov-2007, 08:46
Welcome...enjoy the LF ride

John Kasaian
20-Nov-2007, 08:56
Welcome Cristiano!

20-Nov-2007, 10:52
Welcome. :)

Joseph O'Neil
20-Nov-2007, 12:03
I've never been in your neck of the woods, but both of my parents have been in the Azores (specifically S. Miguel). From the 35mm shots they brought back, that looks like one fine place to use a 4x5, if ever given the chance.


Cristiano Abreu
20-Nov-2007, 18:52
Thank you all for the greatings.
@Joseph I know what you mean... I was there also on vacation 2 years ago (S. Miguel) and this past August on Terceira. The Açores (Azores) are simply my favorite place for holidays and its natural beauty is amazing for photography. Yes, only if I could bring along my 4x5"... but with a small child to carry along in one arm, a DSLR becomes more practical :) However, like you said, if given a chance someday I will definitely bring a 4x5''... the place truly deserves (according to National Geographic, the Açores Archipelago was elected the second best to live in and visit in the world).
I sure hope also to have the chance someday to visit your country, Canada... some of the most beautiful landscapes can be found there and the National parks, truly amazing!

P.S. I've also some photos of my stay at Terceira captured with a DSLR here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/snowmonco/sets/72157601510599254/), if you care to look (a few shots only I had the time to lightroom process, since I've been pretty busy at the job lately).

Andrew O'Neill
20-Nov-2007, 22:33
I sure hope also to have the chance someday to visit your country, Canada...

Welcome to the world of LF photography! Just make sure that if you do come to Canada via Vancouver International Airport you conduct yourself appropriately...the Mounties there are taser happy.:D

George E. Sheils
21-Nov-2007, 02:27
Yes, only if I could bring along my 4x5"... but with a small child to carry along in one arm, a DSLR becomes more practical...

Cristiano - why don't you leave the small child back in Famalicao and bring your 4x5"...you'll have to start getting your priorities right.:D

No, seriously welcome to LF land.


(from Ireland)

Cristiano Abreu
21-Nov-2007, 17:08
Thanks Andrew and George for the welcomes.
@ Andrew If I manage to go to Canada one day, don't worry... my visage would bear such a satisfaction that the Mounties will have a hard time to find an excuse to zap me :)
@ George If all goes well, in a few years my child will eventually carry the tripod and pass me the film holders :)

Uri Kolet
21-Nov-2007, 20:33
Or advertise in Utah for multiple wives experienced in carrying LF gear. Welcome from Vancouver in the Canadian Rockies, Cristiano; glad to have you here.

Cristiano Abreu
23-Nov-2007, 11:06
Thanks Uri. I'll give a though on the experienced wives :) the problem is that my wife doesn't want to carry the tripod, and she will never withstand another female to carry it instead... a double problem in hands :)

Joseph O'Neil
27-Nov-2007, 13:01
If you do visit Canada, make your way down to my city. About 30,000+ people here either from Portugal or of Portugese decent, mostly from Sao Miguel.

28-Nov-2007, 08:06
Mmmm....Portuguese wines...

Wonderful stuff there in the Vinho Verde and Douro regions...

Ahem. Back to the serious side of this forum. Cristiano, welcome to the wonderful world of LF!


Cristiano Abreu
28-Nov-2007, 17:52
Thanks Joseph and Bruce for the welcomes.
@Joseph Thanks for the invite. If I'm lucky to go to Canada someday, I'll certainly try to visit Ontario and who knows your town. Indeed, 30,000+ Portuguese starts to become an important community and the interesting is that most of them came or are decent from people coming from the extremely beautiful "Ilha Verde" (Green Island), i.e. São Miguel... from the ones I visited, the most stunning of them all.
@Bruce Thanks for the compliments on our wines. However, I've a confession to make... some of my friends here say that I'm not a portuguese in the true sense because I don't drink wine, but I do know that we produce some of the most renowned wines in the world... I can't is tell by first experience :) One thing is for sure... I live in the Vinho Verde region and work on the Douro region, so I'm well acquainted with both ;)