View Full Version : Oregon winter getaways: suggestions wanted!

20-Nov-2007, 01:18
So with the recent temperature drops, it seems that the season is finally here to start thinking about winter photography. What I'm looking for is some place that is within 1 day's driving distance of Portland, actually has something scenic around to photograph, has a sporting chance of having decent weather, isn't going to bankrupt me, and isn't booked into next summer. So that means:

Timberline Lodge is out, they're booked solid through the end of March, possibly longer.

The coast, in general, is out. I'd like to at least catch a glimpse of the sun. Plus the lack of snow is a real downer for me, and I'm not big on the whole ultra cold-ultra wet and windy thing.

And with that, I'll open things up for suggestions. If you know of anywhere that would make for a nice photographic weekend (drive friday, enjoy saturday, drive back sunday), please let me know!

Thanks all!

Joe Lipka
20-Nov-2007, 06:18
Central Oregon. Bend, John Day, and lots of territory to cover. Once you get east of the Cascades and into the desert you will get away from the rain.

Ed Richards
20-Nov-2007, 06:28
I tend to think of New Orleans and Key West for winter photography.:-)

Sheldon N
20-Nov-2007, 14:03
I have several areas on my short list for winter photography. I think anything I'm interested in is going to require snowshoes and a willingness to work hard hiking with LF gear.

I'm mainly thinking about Trillium Lake, Lost Lake, or Central Oregon (Three Sisters, Bachelor area) for subjects.

Check out the photography of Marc Adamus for some inspirational winter shots. He's way more determined than I am - hiking for days in the snow to get a shot.

Brian Ellis
20-Nov-2007, 18:08
Stay in Bend in Central Oregon, about a three hour drive from Portland. There's lots of things to photograph from there in day trips - Painted Hills (about two hours from Bend), Sahalie Falls (an hour from Bend), Sparks Lake (about a half hour from Bend), the Deschutes River at various locations in Bend, Tumalo State Park about a half hour from Bend. I'm not sure about photographing on Mt. Bachelor (a half hour away) but if they'll let you on the Pine Marten lift without skis you can photograph from the deck of the restaurant at the top of the lift (which I've done in summer but haven't tried in winter). If you like semi-ghost towns Antelope is about an hour from Bend. Fossil is near the Painted Hills and is kind of an interesting little town as are a couple others between Bend and Biggs on U.S. 97 north from Bend.

The main problem I've found with winter photography in this area is that so many of the access roads and mountain trails are closed in the winter. If you have specific mountain sites in mind it would be a good idea to check with the Forest Service first to make sure you can get to them. Generally anything to the east of Bend should be fine, anything to the west is more problematical since the Cascades are to the west.

Alan Davenport
21-Nov-2007, 12:26
I've lost track of how many times we've had a week or more of wonderful, clear weather in the latter half of January. Perhaps not coincidentally, there will be a series of minus tides for several days, which are timed close to sunset. There are enough great eateries on the Oregon coast to make the trip more than worthwhile even if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Dave Parker
21-Nov-2007, 12:38
Growing up in the Portland/Vancouver area, my short list always covered the Columbia River Gorge area, many waterfalls, to take pictures of, I would also recommend the Oregon Coast around Seaside as well as Cannon beach, well worth the effort. I have on numerous occasions had beautiful days at the coast in the Winter, I love taking images of the various fishing harbors. But again, my favorite area is the Gorge.