View Full Version : Fuji Neopan Acros Cut Film Boxes...

Scott Rosenberg
19-Nov-2007, 23:54
a quick question... every box of film i've ever purchased, EVER, has always come in 3 nested boxes. i have never, NOT ONE TIME, encountered film packaged any differently - until last week.

i recently bought several boxes of 4x5 fuji neopan acros (cut film, not quickloads) and it came only packaged in two boxes. is this unique to acros?

20-Nov-2007, 05:15
Hi Scott,
The ERA film come in two boxes too. I am using Acros since 4 years now and I never have trouble woth the two boxes packaging.

JJ Viau
20-Nov-2007, 06:15
I found out myself about the acros box too while loading the 3 8x10 holders I had with me on location under the Harrison tent. All went good and all sheets were Ok...but I was quite surprised too!


Diane Maher
20-Nov-2007, 10:45
I never noticed. I'll have to check one of my 8x10 boxes this weekend. If I get that far. :(

20-Nov-2007, 16:46
Foma sheet film seems to be like that too. Only the top and bottom boxes - no middle.