View Full Version : G-Claron only for macro work?

Chris Bitmead
10-Aug-1998, 02:57
Some people in this forum have recommended Schneider G-Claron lenses.

However, the Schneider brochure says that G-Clarons are "Particularly corrected for 1:1 linear magnification. The lens can be used for angles of view up to 64 d egrees within the scale of 1:5 to 5:1 and greater."

Does that mean they are not a particularly good choice for general photography?

Sergio Ortega
11-Aug-1998, 01:49
Chris, I've used a 305 G-Claron for 4x5 and 8x10 with excellent results. I've e xamined 4x5 negatives, at infinity, made with both the G-Claron and a 210mm Symm ar-S, and they are both equally good.

Compared to the cost and size of other lenses of equal focal lengths (Apo symmar s, Apo Sironars, Nikkor W), the G-Clarons, as well as the Nkkor M lenses, are a real bargain.

They are great for general photography. Sergio.

Paul Schilliger
2-Aug-1999, 08:12
Having the same question in mind, I have seen on Schneider's site that the G-Cla ron are good for infinity as long as they are stopped to f22 or smaller. Paul