View Full Version : Forum thread posting issue

Tom Westbrook
19-Nov-2007, 18:37
The Forum database had a hiccup and lost track of internal counters in one of the tables for a few hours this afternoon. The effect would be the inability to post new threads. Posting to existing threads was working OK, though.

Anyway, if you tried posting a thread after about noon today Central time, try your thread post again, if you haven't already done so. It should be working now.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Glenn Thoreson
20-Nov-2007, 14:48
Tom, there have been several times in the last 72 hours that I have not been able to access the site. Has it been down?

Tom Westbrook
23-Nov-2007, 05:31
Not that I'm aware of. Use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page to email us if you are having issues getting on.

23-Nov-2007, 08:11
Tom I have had the same issue as Glen with accessing the site over the last several days. It is better now though.

Dave Parker
23-Nov-2007, 11:47
Often times site access with be affected by your ISP servers and not the site itself, it depends on how their timeouts are set up, how much traffic is going through their internet access servers and is out of the actual sites hands, it happens to me quite often when trying to access certain sites at certain times.


Rob Champagne
23-Nov-2007, 20:55
most times, access problems to a web site are caused by routing problems between you and the web site and not the web server. Because everyone is located differently, everyone gets a different route to the web site. So it can work fine for most people and not for the person with a routing problem. All depends on which carriers are being used.
The good thing is that this is real easy to check for yourself by running a trace route.

In windows, open the dos command promt and type in:

tracert www.the-domain-in-question.com

if you get timeouts shown somewhere between you and the web site, then thats the problem. These problems usually auto correct very quickly but if it persists, you should copy the tracert results from screen and notify your ISP about it who will then alert the relevant internet routing company that there is a persistent problem. ISP's will action this because it makes them look bad if people can't get to their web sites even though its not their fault!

If the trace route gives a timeout on the first hop, then the problem will be local to your system.