View Full Version : image circle of 300mm Symmar S

chris kargoris
14-Nov-2000, 14:19
Can any inform me as to the image circle of the Schneider 300mm Symmar S (not the apo)

You help would be most appreciated.

adam friedberg
14-Nov-2000, 15:32
i believe it is listed at 411mm. www.schneideroptics.com has info on this and all other lenses both current and old.

William Leviit
14-Nov-2000, 16:29
I found a listing with it having a 425mm IC.

adam friedberg
15-Nov-2000, 01:54
schneider lists it at 411mm - the apo symmar has 425mm.

William Leviit
15-Nov-2000, 07:37
here is the list I have, and it's found on this website:


adam friedberg
15-Nov-2000, 20:44
this list agrees with schneider's published info - 411mm and 425mm respectively for the symmar s mc and the apo symmar.

William Leviit
16-Nov-2000, 07:57
You're right Adam, I apologize.

Now if I could just find my reading glasses I could maybe then see the difference between Sinaron and Symmar ;-)