View Full Version : Burke and James 4x5 view camera

18-Nov-2007, 10:53
I am new to large format photography and recently purchased a nice used burke and james 4x5 metal field camera with a revolving back for portrait and landscape. Does anyone know how to revolve the back on this camera, any help is appreciated.

Thanks, MIke

erie patsellis
18-Nov-2007, 17:57
Look on the eccentric camera website (I think...) for the B&J Press camera manual. if not there, a simple google search should turn it up.

Jim Jones
19-Nov-2007, 17:35
Mike, if your camera is like my B&J 4x5 press camera, look at its back. On the upper left corner towards the back is a serrate projection. Hold this down, and the back should be free to rotate. It might be a bit stiff from not being used for a long time.

Ruddy Roye
21-Nov-2007, 08:52
Does anyone know where I could find an extension rail for a BJ 8x10 camera