View Full Version : Info on Tele Xenar 270 mm 5.5

15-Nov-2000, 12:21
I need informations about a Schneider Tele Xenar 270 mm 5.5. The serial number i ndicates that this lens was manufactured in the 50ies, but I have found nothing about image circles etc. (Is it sufficient for 4x5?)Thanks.

Thomas Vaehrmann
23-Nov-2000, 03:16
Hi Ralf, here is some information from the book Friedrich W. Voigt: Schneider- Objektive fur Foto, Film und Fernsehen, Seebruck 1971: Tele-Arton was made since app. 1959, 5 lenses in 4 elemnets, resolution is twice as good as the old Tele-Xenar. Flange focal distance is 152 mm, diameter of the image-circle is 178 mm at f16. Hope this helps. Complete Information about Schneider-lenses from the mentioned book is available from me via email.

Thomas Vahrmann