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17-Nov-2007, 20:40
My name is Preston Birdwell. I live in the town of Columbia, in the western foothills of the Sierra, due east of San Francisco and north of Yosemite. I work as a fire chief and adjunct faculty member at Columbia College, and have been in this area for over thirty years. The Sierra and its environs are my favorite haunts.

I started doing photography seriously in 1971 and began using 4x5 in 1978, working mainly in B&W. Due to finacial constraints at the time, I went back to 35mm and finally upgraded to 645 in 2000. A couple of years later I redeveloped my interest in 4x5 and have been using it nearly exclusively for the last few years. My work is all color using transparency films.

I do most of printing on an Epson R2400, and for larger works have them done by West Coast Imaging.

I've been lurking around the LF Forum for a spell and have found it to be an excellent source of information!

You can see my work at The Gilded Moon (http://www.gildedmoon.com)

Be well, everyone!


John Kasaian
17-Nov-2007, 20:47
Hello from Fresno and welcome aboard.

You've got a pretty impressive site there, thanks for sharing.

17-Nov-2007, 23:03
Hi Preston,

Welcome from Vancouver, BC in Canada...

Very nice images! :)


18-Nov-2007, 10:04
Welcome from the northern parts of Los Angeles County!

18-Nov-2007, 10:33
Your website looks great Preston. Welcome. :)

1-Dec-2007, 08:58
Thanks so much for the welcome! I really appreciate your kind comments about my work, too.


Joe O'Hara
1-Dec-2007, 20:28
These are very beautiful, Preston.