View Full Version : Shen Hao FCL 57 - A: Back mechanism

Ross Chambers
17-Nov-2007, 14:53
Attn. Shen Hao FCL 57-A experts, although this feature could be common to other designs:

On the camera back, at about the midpoint of the long sides of the frame which surrounds the ground glass are two identical sliding aluminium panels which seem to serve no other purpose than to retain the ground glass in a position which would be well behind focus if they are slid into their alternative positions

I thought that they may have been intended as a way of holding the ground glass away to allow insertion of the film holder (although that seemed unnecessary as the holders slide in quite smoothly without sliding the panels into position) but these panels then block the path of the holder.

What am I missing? Something which could revolutionise my sometimes blundering technique?

I'm sorry that I can't easily send a picture, I've described the device as best I can and someone with a Shen Hao could probably see what I'm getting at.

Regards - Ross

17-Nov-2007, 15:12
Hi Ross,

Mine is a 4x5 Shen-Hao, but it should be the same principle. If what you have looks like the parts indicated by red arrows on the attached image, then it is a Graflok mechanism for holding roll-film backs and other Graflok accessories.

With your standard GG is attached, the Graflok holders should be moved out of the way, but when you want to use a Graflok back, you remove your GG, place the Graflok back in its place and slide the holders inward so they hold the attachment in place. It sounds much more complicated than it really is.



17-Nov-2007, 21:12
yup sounds like the mount for the 6x17 back.

Ross Chambers
17-Nov-2007, 23:17
Thanks Marko and Nick,

Those were indeed the plates I was puzzled by. At this point not relevant, it's taken long enough to get holders together, a 5x7 Graflock would be rare.

Regards - Ross

18-Nov-2007, 02:55
Na. Email Shen Hao and order one-) I don't remember the price but it's quite a bit less then the model that fits the 4x5 cameras. Plus it doesn't limit you on lens choice the way the 4x5 6x17 back does.