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Nate Battles
16-Nov-2007, 10:00
This is my late introduction to the Large Format Photography Forum. I've been into photography since high school. Like most people I started with 35mm, moved on to medium format, and then to 4x5. After I realized I was ready to commit to large format, I bought a Cambo 4x5. I later sold it to help fund another project, it was long ago I don't remember now.

Well, since then I stumbled upon a really-old-nasty-looking 5x7 wooden tail board camera at a local camera shop. It looked like it had been sitting outside for 40 years! The employees laughed at me (seriously) when I asked them how much they wanted for it! I traded a broken K1000 and $15 for the P.O.S. I started restoring the beast, stripping off all the old, lead, green paint and to my surprise discovered a beautiful cherry-wood camera with dove-tail joinery underneath. I replaced the bellows and polished the chrome hardware. With the help of Scott--, a member here, I have a great looking and functioning lens board to boot. To this day I do not know the maker of this camera. Perhaps I can post some before and after photos of the camera and someone here can tell me who made it.

Anyway, I have been trying to get into large-format again. With the help of some forums here, I have rediscovered some of my suppressed creativity and have started some new projects. Thanks again to all those people who lent their ideas regarding getting out of a creative slump. I hope to post some photos when I get them and look forward to critique. This is a great forum and a great resource.

Ralph Barker
16-Nov-2007, 11:14
A belated official welcome to go with your belated intro. :D

John Kasaian
16-Nov-2007, 15:20
Greetings from Fresno, CA, where the raisins come from!

17-Nov-2007, 10:19
Welcome. :)