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John Kasaian
14-Nov-2007, 09:32
I happened across a Schneider 180mm f/5.6 D-Claron covering 8x10. What exactly is it? I thought clarons were graphic arts lenses---I've heard of Gs and Rs but never before a D. Anybody know anything about these?

Ralph Barker
14-Nov-2007, 09:49
A couple of previous threads:



Ole Tjugen
14-Nov-2007, 10:15

You've looked on the wrong Schneider site, I believe.

John Kasaian
14-Nov-2007, 10:52
Thanks Ralph and Ole! It looks like it would be of marginal use for landscape work.

Dan Fromm
14-Nov-2007, 13:48
John, who sold it as covering 8x10? At infinity, that is.

John Kasaian
15-Nov-2007, 07:46
John, who sold it as covering 8x10? At infinity, that is.

Photo Graphic Systems has this lens in their inventory. www.pgsys.com

Dan Fromm
15-Nov-2007, 09:11
Thanks for the reply, John. I note that the D-Claron is fixed aperture, also that many of his coverage claims are very optimistic.



Joseph O'Neil
16-Nov-2007, 05:46
Don't forget, there are also "C" clarons too. Who knows, maybe they did the whole alphabet at one time or another. :)

Seems to be several variants on the "claron" name and/or line, many used in commercial or industrial applications. Many of the ones I have seen are fixed aperture as has been pointed out before. This is the real issue with many of these claron lenses IMO. You can always use a lens without a shutter, but without an iris? The issue is these lenses, in order to be used in a shutter need to be taken apart and likely remounted in a new barrell, which I think would add greatly to the cost, so much so you might just be better off with something else.


Dan Fromm
16-Nov-2007, 07:08
Joe, its worse than that. I have a couple of fixed aperture lenses in barrel, none made by Schneider, that aren't made up of cells that can be unscrewed.

Glenn Thoreson
16-Nov-2007, 11:53
I would be wary of any claims made by that seller. I have had some experience that shows less than acceptable knowledge on his part. Your mileage may vary.