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14-Nov-2007, 03:27

I use a combi-plan tank, and now I am finally getting exposures right and development times nailed down, time to get more critical. I am noticing on some images there is a hint of uneven development or streaking. It takes an age to fill up the tank with developer, so I am wondering if this is the problem? I don't pre-soak - would this help?

Have a look at the attached image, and any advice much appreciated. Is there anything else that would process negs more consistently, or is it just my rubbish technique with the Combiplan?

I am shooting T-max 100, developing in D-76 undiluted for 8.5 mins @68 degrees. I think the streaking/uneveness seems worse if I develop several sheets at the same time. What do other people do (just a couple of sheets or more?).

Thanks in anticipation



14-Nov-2007, 06:02

I develop up to 6 sheets, almost never less than 4 (not sure I even did less than 4 once).

I shoot Tri-x, developed in HC110 for 10 minutes, without such streaks.

Filling the tank takes me about 1 minute, I start counting time when it is full, and start emptying it about 30" before time is up.

Hope it helps

Peter Lewin
14-Nov-2007, 14:46
I no longer use my Combi Plan (I've been a tray developer for a very long time) but when I used the tank, I would pre-fill it with developer. I would use an old Kodak tank for a pre-soak, then transfer the Combi Plan holder to the already-filled tank, put the cover on, agitate once, then turn the lights on for the remainder of processing. My understanding was that the main source of streaking was pouring in the developer over the negative carrier. Of course, this approach means you are doing a little more in the dark. (This is still the way I develop 120 film in PMK, only using Patterson roll-film tanks instead of the Combi Plan.)

keith english
14-Nov-2007, 15:29
I also switched from the Combi-Plan tank due to uneven development, and now use BTZS tubes. I think pre-soaking or filling with developer then dropping the film in will help. I still use the combi tank for final fixing and washing, and even drying of six sheets.

15-Nov-2007, 05:36
Thanks for the responses. I think it's time to sort out blacking out my kitchen and trying some darkroom developing as suggested.



Per Madsen
15-Nov-2007, 06:49
I use a pre-soak with the Combi-Plan to avoid uneven development.

15-Nov-2007, 07:14
How long do you pre-soak for (stupid question, assume with water!)?

I think I will try this before giving up on the tank.



Andrew O'Neill
15-Nov-2007, 13:41
Pre-soaking will most likely help. Try it. I pre soak for 2 minutes.

Gene McCluney
18-Nov-2007, 13:10
Some films are very prone to streaking in the developer, and some films are almost bulletproof to streaking. Example. Forte 200 just doesn't seem to get streaks no matter the agitation (or lack of), while Fomapan 200 is the streakiest film I have ever used unless agitated vigorously and often. I am speaking about 4x5 & 5x7 negatives, here. I always presoak for 4 minutes in water before going to developer.