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Fred Braakman
13-Nov-2007, 22:43
Hi all,
I am curious how others store their prints after they have been finished. I tone my prints with either selenium or sepia. Then I dry mount them onto a backing board.

Should they be stored in sleeves mounted or unmounted?



13-Nov-2007, 23:27
The mounted usually go into plastic sleeves and true core boxes in the closet. Otherwise my loose prints just go into an empty paper box.

Doremus Scudder
14-Nov-2007, 07:44
My prints are dry mounted on museum board. These are then stored in museum storage boxes of the appropriates size with 2-ply buffered cotton rag interleaving sheets between each print. Prints with windows are stacked bottom-to-top all the way through with the interleaving on top of the window mat. Prints without windows are stacked face-to-face with an interleaving sheet between each of the two adjacent faces (for me, this is an intermediate step, since I like to get windows on everything eventually).

My unmounted prints go in used paper boxes as well.

Hope this helps.

Doremus Scudder

Peter Lewin
14-Nov-2007, 14:39
Similar to Mr. Scudder, with a few minor differences. I never window mount, I dry mount and only use window mattes (spelling?) while my prints are hanging in frames. When I remove the prints from the frame for storage (i.e. taking down the old, and hanging the new), the mounted prints go in archival boxes, always print up, with interleaving tissue inbetween each print. I use interleaving tissue from LightImpressions which is quite thin, certainly not two-ply.

Fred Braakman
14-Nov-2007, 23:30
Thanks for the advice. I will purchase the interleaving tissue, and use it as you advise.